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Craft fair thingy

Has anyone thought about heading to the craft fair thing that is at.. I think... the convention centre from this wednesday? I'm sorry I missed the meet on the weekend, was totally out of it. *rolls eyes* I'm such a flake. Serve me up with chips.

But yeah... Just thought I'd see if anyone was going, but I don't know a whole lot about it. Thought I might go to pick up some nice yarn if I can get some cash together. Boo for being poor.

Sorry guys!

I couldn't make it today, boo hiss :( Had to shop for a new oven/cooktop thingo. How did it go? And I will make all efforts to be at the next one!

So where's all these FOs I keep hearing about? :)
teeter totter teeter totter teee...


Hi, I just joined. My name is Fiona and I'm 17. I like to make heaps of random stuff... I knit and (recently) crochet. I've done cross-stitching (attempted a few times. I was good at it but I lost interest - I suppose I preferred knitting at the time) and I make woven friendship bracelets.
When I'm not in school I like to spend my time on my computer, write, web design, read, watch various tv shows (discontinued or not), draw, paint, hang out with people...
Current work in progresses include a quilt made of crochet squares, (what will turn out to be) an oversize black jumper with (hopefully) a daisy design, and a pair of gloves. I recently finished another friendship bracelet :) yay, they are so fun...
Anyway I'll be coming to the next meetup on Saturday ^_^ it is midnight. I should probably go, and persuade myself to sleep.

See you all when I see you. :)
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See you all tomorrow :)

Hi, my name is Katie, and I'm a lonely knitter. *grins*

Just wanted to introduce myself - Katie, a 20 year old uni student who knits. I only leared how last year but I'm really enjoying it and I've gotten through a few projects so far. I'll be there on saturday working on a couple of things, so I hope to meet a few of you! :)
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I'm Jen. I have been a cross stitcher for years, but recently took up knitting and I absolutely love it. I have way more UFOs and stashyarn than a beginner should have, but hey - I have no attention span :)

Can't wait to catch up! :)